2020, Urban art
About This Project

Nowadays and during the 2020 springtime quarantine, we have experienced how much nature and green areas are essential in our lives. We start to realise how much nature is important to us even though we’re trying to move away from it in a much more efficient world. Venice itself owes everything to nature and to its Laguna, its fragile ecosystem. Venice is a place where land, sky and water are combined in something worldwide unique.

Despite its charm, Venice is a complex city where to live in.

In the tiny crowded calli you can feel the city fighting against pollution, industrial dirt and indiscriminated overcontruction. There is less and less space left to green public areas. Although Biennale, Rimembranze, Pappadopoli and San Giuliano (in the countryside) are the major parks in Venice, minor spots and green areas are spread all over – but most of the times they belong to private courts or gardens that offer an amazing though untouchable view. Venice is constantly calling out for more green areas in order to revitalize the city. Such areas, in addition to being an urban adornment, provide psychological well-being for the people of Venice, tourists and residents.

As a young artist, designer and resident I wonder: “How can we provide the city of Venice with more green areas when urban space is so limited?”

Through Floatin’ Flowers, a roof garden system placed on the top of ferry stations and ferry boats. Its vegetation is composed of small shrubs and seasonal flowers such as lavander, rosemary, thyme and other Mediterranean plants that will not be an obstacle to navigation, safety and maintenance and will ensure color and beauty during springtime and the hottest months. These rooftops gardens fit both in the ferry boat top and in ferry stations’ flat roof.

Anyone visiting Venice will have the opportunity to see Floatin’ Flowers and be able to admire them from the bridges as well as travellers themselves on the ferry. Imagine looking down the Accademia Bridge and enjoying blooming flowers and herbal perfumes, or looking out of your hotel window in Canal Grande and seeing these floating gardens traveling around.

Although this project is still ongoing, it shows lots of potential and could be expanded with different variety of vegetation according to the season and to the transportation routes.

Floatin’ Flowers does not aim to totally defeat the problem of air pollution but, with a poetic vision, wishes to raise awareness about green areas as a fundamental element for personal and environmental harmony.