MFF Terreni

2021, Branding, Marketing
About This Project

Is there anything better than to be able to invest your skills by doing something helpful for your family?

This project was born from the desire to support my family in my own way. Due to the continuing crisis we experienced in 2008, my family had been struggling to sell their own allotment.

My mother and aunt entrusted me with the branding and communication strategy for the two plots of land, leaving me free to choose the communicative plan.

First of all, I came up with a logo, which was essential for whole identity process.
The style I have chosen has remained faithful to the real estate graphics: in the naming we find the initials of my mother (MF) and my aunt (F), themselves enclosed in an isometric structure of obvious constructive recall.

For the website, I personally provided the architectural renderings, photographs and reliefs of the parcels in order to align the property with market demands. This project combines web marketing, brand identity and communication with the common purpose of returning a favour to those who believed in my ambitions.